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Diamond-path Laboratory is accredited and run by qualified professionals comprising of pathologists, technologists, clerks and laboratory assistants. The service is supported by the hospital’s robust Information Technology system. . All...
Virology is the area of diagnostic laboratory medicine that deals with the detection, identification, and quantification of pathogenic viruses.
A urinalysis is usually ordered when a doctor suspects a urinary tract infection or a health problem that can cause an abnormality in the urine. This test can measure:
We use tumor markers to detect the presence of certain types of cancer in the body, and to monitor the progress of cancer treatment.
Diamond-path Laboratory screens urine samples for drugs-of-abuse and alcohol using state-of-the-art equipment that delivers a 99.9% sensitivity rate. Urine screens include adulteration (if requested) and test results are available in...
Parasitology testing evaluates stool for the presence of ova, parasites and levels of beneficial flora, imbalanced flora, possible pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Such testing can help reveal hidden causes behind...
Immunology laboratory tests offer a wide range of assays to aid in the diagnosis, management, and monitoring of medical problems associated with various immunological and infectious diseases. Our laboratory performs...
Immunohematology includes the disciplines commonly known as transfusion medicine and blood banking.
We provide comprehensive histopathology services to our clients. The services include an extensive range of special techniques including immunohistochemistry, frozen sections, macrosectioning for complex lesions, immunofluorescence, research and development facilities...
Our Hematology tests include routine hematology procedures, fluid cell counts, routine coagulation and urinalysis testing, special hematology testing, special stains, and Immunophenotyping.
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