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COVID-19 Testing Services in Kenya

Coronavirus Diagnostic Laboratory COVID-19 Testing Services in Kenya

Diamond-path Laboratory is accredited and run by qualified professionals comprising of pathologists, technologists, clerks and laboratory assistants. The service is supported by the hospital’s robust Information Technology system. . All the team members are committed to achieving our vision.


The sample required for testing is one collected using a long swab that is inserted into the back of the nose (nasopharyngeal) and/or the back of the mouth (oropharyngeal). Taking the swab takes a few seconds only.

The procedure is painless but one may experience some slight discomfort. We collect samples from both adults and children. The test performed is a molecular test called PCR, which is the only test currently recommended by the Kenya Ministry of Health (MoH) as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO) for testing for the virus that causes COVID-19.

To get tested, one can book an appointment online for the swab(s) to be taken or visit our us at Fortis suites, 3rd Flr, Suite 310, Hospital Rd, off Ngong Rd, Nairobi, Kenya. Appointments are encouraged so as to avoid queuing and overcrowding at the clinics. For adult clients who are feeling unwell, we advise you to see your doctor instead or visit a different facility so as to receive the medical care you may require. Before the sample is taken, you will be required to give your contact details and answer a few questions about any symptoms you may be having. All this information will be kept confidential and only shared as is required by law, with the Ministry of Health.


Results are ready within 24- 48 hours after receipt of the sample in the molecular lab. For samples received from out of Nairobi, keep in mind the transit time depending on the distance.

Once results are ready, you will receive a hard copy from the Gertrude’s branch where your sample was collected. Note that anyone with a positive result will also receive a call from The Ministry of Health surveillance team notifying them of their result.

Quality assurance

The molecular lab in particular has also been approved by The Ministry of Health as a Covid-19 testing facility after undergoing the necessary quality verifications and relevant regulatory body inspections.

It has also been endorsed by the (Kenya Medical Research Institute) KEMRI as a credible testing site. Our laboratory is accredited by KENAS (Kenya Accreditation Service) and Joint Commission International (USA).

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